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How to knit with multiple colours at once

I did a series of how-to knit videos with The Australian Women’s Weekly Books and here is my video tutorial for Fair Isle/Intarsia/strand knitting.

Strand knitting, Intarsia or Fair Isle knitting, is a technique that allows you to switch between two or more colours in the same row to create patterns in your knitted work. It may seem complex but with a bit of practice you’ll be knitting words and pictures in no time!

Once you really master this technique you can try out my Free David Bowie knitting pattern grid!

Happy knitting!

How to knit in the round

Knitting in the round, or circular knitting, is a method that allows you to knit in continuous circles so that there is no seaming required.

It is great for many projects, such as hats (beanies), toys, mittens, socks and even sweaters!

There are a few methods, such as using a circular needle, “The Magic Loop” or using a set of double-pointed needles. This video deals with how to use double-pointed needles, addressing questions like:

  • How do I get started with knitting in the round?
  • How many needles am I actually knitting with at once?!
  • Why would I knit in the round when I can just knit and then sew it together?
  • What happens when I have gaps (ladders) in my work?

It is a bit long (sorry!) but bear with me as there are a few elements that need to be explained. Once you get the hang of it it will make your knitting life so much easier not having to worry about all those seams!

If you have any questions or need any other pointers feel free to ask in the comments.

Happy Knitting!


xo Karla

Video and editing: Kristin Butler
Music: The Insider “A Difficult Subject” (Intro), BOPD “2205”
Toy animal photo from “Cool Knitting”. Photographer: Louise Lister, Stylist: Louise Bickle

How to do the knit stitch

I did a series of how-to knit videos with The Australian Women’s Weekly Books and here is my video tutorial for the knit stitch.

The knit stitch is the base stitch of all knitting – master this and you can easily complete many beginner patterns!


Simple knitting pattern to create your own toy

A recent book project I worked on, Cool Knitting (Australia)/Cute Knitted Toys (International) , features 20 patterns based off two simple shapes – all of which are knitted in the round using four double-pointed needles. I love knitting in the round and chose this method as it means no sewing up pieces afterwards or worrying about tension or pieces lining up.… Read more →