Hello. I am a knitter, author, traveller, mum and lover of sloths.

I write knitting patterns for fun and whimsical things like sloths, yetis, unicorns, gingerbread men and more, which are available in my two books, Cool Knitting/Cute Knitted Toys and Little Land of Knitting.

I want to help you learn how to make your own amazing wooly creations – check out my blog for knitting how-tos and inspiration and my videos for kids, beginners and intermediate knitters. I also sell select pre-made items and patterns in my online shop.

Like most of us, I also absolutely love to travel with my family and try to do things as often, and differently, as we can. Our most prized family journey to-date is our epic overland trip from Sydney, Australia to London, UK done completely without flying (more on that here). My son knows his xin chao from his selamat pagi, having travelled with me to 30 countries (and counting). He’s currently five.

My pictures and words have appeared in many publications and I am a regular contributor, focussing on family travel, for Qantas Magazine.





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