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The Super Sloth Story


Every super hero needs an origin story. Super Sloth’s story is really quite simple. 

Super Sloth was born when my son asked me to knit him a toy sloth (genius idea, right!) This pattern was then featured in my first knitting book, “Cool Knitting” (Australian title)/”Cute Knitted Toys” (International title). His pattern was accompanied by a short poem that describes his super power:

Knitted sloth pattern

For me, Super Sloth represents what I know I need to do to enjoy life a little more: SLOW down! Like so many of us, I work long hours and am always thinking about the future/my next project/the meaning of life. Super Sloth gives me the power to live in the moment and relax a little.

Last year my husband, son, Super Sloth and I took the ultimate slow journey: we travelled from Sydney, Australia to London, England by road and by sea, using only trains, cars, buses and ships! It took us just over five months and was an amazing way to really put the power of SLOW to practice (read more about our journey HERE).

With our help, Super Sloth visited more than 20 countries and made many new friends.

I travel quite a bit personally and for work – and Super Sloth continues to come everywhere with me and share his experiences. He is my cuddly reminder to take it SLOW and enjoy the present no matter where I am.


It doesn’t get more sloth than this. Photo by Lindsey MacDonald

To get your hands on a Super Sloth also takes time – to knit him yourself would take a skilled knitter a solid full day of non-stop knitting, and if you purchase one of my ready-made Super Sloths they are 100% handmade by a group of skilled knitters in Peru.

Whether you follow Super Sloth on InstagramFacebook or Twitter; own a Super Sloth; or hope to win, buy or make your own soon I hope Super Sloth can do the same for you!

Be sure to share your slow adventures with us #iamsupersloth!

xo Karla and Super Sloth

Here are some of Super Sloth’s travel highlights. For regular updates connect with him on InstagramFacebook or Twitter

Made some new #BFFs at the busy market in #ChauDoc, #Vietnam ☺️ A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

The Great #Sloth of #China

A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

Back in the city (#Ulaanbaatar) after three glorious days at a Mongolian ger camp. A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

“Privet” from the Transsiberian railway 🇷🇺🚂 2 more days until I hit #Moscow ☺️

A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

Totally slothed out on a boat in #Prague

A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

Eat Pray Sloth

A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

❄️I feel like I’m in #Frozen ⛄️ A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

Leaning Tower of #Sloth

A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

A #sloth in New York A photo posted by S. Sloth (@iamsupersloth) on

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