Calling all knitters for the “Karla’s Kritters” fundraiser!


I am so honoured that a lovely group of knitters has decided to use patterns from my book Little Land of Knitting to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

Below is the message from organiser Libby Swindells about how you can get involved and some general guidelines on how to make the characters.

We have also created a checklist to help ensure the knitted characters are safe and up to standards. Please download this and complete with your toy if possible.


Also, be sure to join the page Karla’s Kritters on Facebook for updates and to share your projects!

Message from Libby:

“Last year through the help and support we had from readers we raised almost £2000 for the Stroke Association with our Circle of Folk, and the previous year we raised over £10,000 for the Alzheimer’s society with Mile of Mice.

This year we want to raise lots of money for the British Lung Foundation by knitting the following Karla’s Kritters, based on the book called Little Land of Knitting written by Karla Courtney.

She has kindly agreed to let us knit and sell these little guys and will hopefully come up to Altrincham on Saturday October 24 when we will be displaying them along the whole length of George Street. 

If you would like to get involved please email me at and I will provide you with a copy of the pattern or you can purchase the book from most good bookshops (NOTE: or online IE on Amazon Little Land of Knitting)

When completed, please either send them to Wellgreen Lodge, Wellfield Lane, Hale WA15 8NW or deliver them to Hobbycraft at the Altrincham retail park as they are getting involved with this as well.

We will be setting up Karla’s Kritters on Facebook for all your photos and comments.

We are looking forward to a really great response as you have never failed us yet.

– Libby Swindells


  • Follow the pattern as closely as you can, including recommended needle size (to ensure stitches are tight enough so that stuffing does not come out) and methods for sewing seams and attachments
  • Do not add any buttons or other items: these are all intentionally designed to very basic, limiting the amount of appendages that are sewn on
  • Purchase stuffing with “CE” certification (polyester or acrylic) and hand in your bag
  • Use new, clean wool. If your wool has a label please keep it and hand in with your toy
  • If you are affixing a pom pom or tassel sew on very securely, we recommend going through the centre and back through and under 5 stitches of the work 20 times

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