You can create

You may notice that this is only my second post on this blog in the past year: it has been a busy one, having written two knitting books (“Cool Knitting”/”Cute Knitted Toys” published August 2013 and “The Little Land of Knitting” to come September 2014) and generally keeping up with my wonderful son.

*But* I have recently left my day job to focus more on both my son and knitting. So, join me here for:

  • How to videos
  • Free patterns
  • Inspiration to create your own designs and projects with knitting

My son has come up with some characters like Robot Cat and Tigerberry – and with some basic knitting skills I was able to create these for him. Knitting for me isn’t about “knitting” – it is about creating wonderful things I know I can’t get anywhere else.

I hope I can help you somehow to do the same.

You can create!

xo Karla

robot cat

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