Free David Bowie grid for knitting and embroidery

A couple of years ago I made a simple purple cardie with that iconic picture of David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” cover (many also refer to as Ziggy Stardust Bowie). I drew the grid freehand and wanted to go for a slightly pixelated look while also trying to limit the amount of colours needed to make the work easier to manage. I hand knit the cardigan based on a pattern adapted from Moda Impact Issue 5, using intarsia to weave in his face as I knit.

I have since had lots of requests for this pattern, but as I lost the original grid I drew it was tricky to replicate – especially since the cardie was sent to a friend as a gift for her daughter!

I finally sat down and looked closely at the pictures I took and redrew the grid electronically so I can’t lose it again.

I’ve just reached 1000 likes on my Facebook page and to thank everyone I thought I should give this pattern away. You don’t *have* to like me on Facebook, but if you enjoy this pattern and my other works then you may find it a nice place to connect with me for tips and inspiration to help you create your own projects.

So, click below to download a free .pdf for this Bowie grid. If you don’t knit you can also use this for any type of embroidery. And if you aren’t comfortable with knitting with multiple colours at the same time watch my How to Knit with Multiple Colours video.

Thank you to everyone and happy knitting xo



Pattern photo and photos of mummy knitting by Dominic Loneragan/Citizens of the World

  18 comments for “Free David Bowie grid for knitting and embroidery

  1. martha
    at 16:48

    thank you

    • karla
      at 19:49

      You’re welcome thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Darlene
    at 03:53

    Very Awesome….I don’t knit at all nor do I do embroidery anymore but do you think I could translate this somehow to crochet? THX!!

    • karla
      at 19:48

      Hi Darlene – I think the principle of the grid would be the same, you would just need to follow the pattern using a crochet intarsia method. Here’s a crochet tutorial I found that may help if you are not familiar with this! >> This one is good as it also includes some advice on how to read the graph!

      • Darlene
        at 00:40

        Thank you so much. I will check out the intarsia tutorial. I really want to make a sweater for my grandson.

  3. enecia sabroff
    at 03:19

    Thank you!!

    • karla
      at 19:49

      You’re very welcome :)

  4. lorraine moran
    at 20:46

    thank you so much.. im looking forward to knitting this for a special little boy. !!

    • karla
      at 19:49

      : ) : ) <3

  5. Klau
    at 22:39

    Thank you

  6. at 23:28

    after seeing your sweater post on revelry and sharing it with my hubby he begged for one for himself. Thank you so much for sharing your grid. I don’t do Facebook but if you have instagram I’d love to follow you!

    • karla
      at 12:29

      Aww yay that’s fantastic I would love to see your project! I’m on @karlacourtney on Instagram X

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  8. Jami Harrison
    at 02:07

    Wow. Came here for the Pee-Wee, stayed for the BoWie.

  9. Ingrid Habraken
    at 07:08

    Hello Karla, I have knitted this sweater for my 21 year old (today) daughter, in secret. So she did not know until today.
    She sait Holy Shit Mom! Thanx! So Thank you for the pattern (she found it herself on pinterest but forgot all about it. I don’t know how to put in a photograph, sorry, but she is very happy! So Thank you again!

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